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When I was 15, my parent's gave me a complete collection of ee cumming's works. I read his poems again and again until I could recite them by rote.

When I was 17, I went to college and studied English and history. I couldn't decide which subject I liked best, so I majored in both. I loved college and learned a lot, but no one told me I would have to find a job when I finished. I found out I was qualified to be a barista.

When I was 22, I married Joey Cleary, a very talented actor-turned-teacher.

Okay, so maybe not. I decided to go back to school to put my degree to use. Nobody wants to hear about castle layouts over lattes. I decided to get my own captive audience and become a teacher. I thought I'd do it for a couple of years while I decided what I really wanted to be when I grew up.

Then my son came along, and I finally began to settle into my life.

Revelation! I love teaching! I want to be a teacher when I grow up! This is it!

I can honestly say, at this point in the day, that I feel pretty good about mine.

By the way, that ee cummings book has been on my classroom bookshelf for 13 years. I'm never happier than when students borrow it from me.

Contact Me: leah@leahcleary.com

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