The last time we touched base, I had just learned that my school was shutting down for a couple of weeks. That was three weeks ago, and just this past Thursday, Georgia joined other states in announcing that school would be closed for the rest of the year.

This introvert loves being at home, but not like this. The uncertainty and the difficulty in touching base with each of our students is problematic. Having to do this on top of helping my middle-schooler stay on top of his lessons seems impossible at times.

In my last blog post, I discussed useful tech for distance learning (or remote leaning, as we were calling it then), and I advised teachers to keep it as simple as possible. I still stand by that. In the three short weeks since this began, my family has been personally touched by death from "complications from Covid-19," and we are not alone. All of this is creating fear and stress, so my advice stands: Keep it to one learning target a week.

To simplify this further (and to still deliver quality lessons), I've devised a template that works for me. It attempts to round out a full lesson on a learning target each week. I typically give things like this to my email list only, but since we are all scrambling and overwhelmed, I've put this template on TeachersPayTeachers for free. I really hope you can use it!

Grab it for free HERE!

Here's how to implement the template

1. Make a copy of your original.

2. Delete the instructions and terms of use slides before assigning to students.

3. Edit text in red to suit your needs. For example, your “Learn” activity may be a YouTube film instead of a reading.

4. Hyperlink to each resource you are assigning students over the transparent shape in each box. Hyperlink by changing the end of the URL in this way so that each student gets their own copy: replace edit?usp=sharing with template/preview. That way, students can preview the doc before selecting “Use Template” to make a copy in their Drive. 

Here is how to hyperlink in Google Slides:

5. Suggestions for practice activities are questions, quickwrites, problems, summarizing, etc.
Suggestions for create are digital storyboards, essays, Flipgrids, infographics (you get a free infographic activity with example and rubric when you sign up for my email list), etc.

6. Create the quiz using Google Forms and the AutoMastery Add-on. Set AutoMastery follow-up activities to be emailed to students based on their score, so that they are either enriching or relearning. I also end the relearning with a link back to the quiz to see if they improve. HERE is how to create a Quiz in Google Forms. HERE is how to use Automastery. 

7. Have students copy and paste the links for their activities in the appropriate spaces on the template so that you can see them.

I hope that you find this useful, and please leave a comment below letting me know how you are dealing with distance learning.

Grab the free template HERE!

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