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Death, Divorce, and Moving--the big three. Thankfully, we've only been moving for the past week. That makes everything out of sorts around the house--and my blog late.

But it's not too late to talk about Thanksgiving. There are still three days before my students disperse for the holidays, and hopefully a little turkey and family time. I will not be assigning homework over the break, but we will pause in the curriculum on Friday to consider the holiday.

It's an interesting one and not unique to America as many of the students believe.  We'll look at a brief summary of the history of the holiday as a large group, and then break off into small groups to examine particular eras of Thanksgiving history.

Students will create one page with a summary and picture for their assigned era. Each page will go into a notebook, so that the class has a picture book of the history of Thanksgiving. We'll read the book together as a class and drink hot cider. Fun times....

Early finishers will complete a Thanksgiving crossword, word search, or riddles for extra credit. The riddles are my particular favorite. They include anagrams, Limericks, and rebus (picture) puzzles.

You can find the entire assignment (including the puzzles) here:

Thanksgiving Activities: Creative Writing with a History of Thanksgiving
Get it Here!

Here are some of my Thanksgiving borders for documents and PowerPoints. Download them for free, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Borders Freebie
Get it Here!

Do you have any holiday assignments for Thanksgiving? Leave a comment to share your ideas.

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