Half Way There Sale!

My holiday has been filled with food, family, and working on a new interactive notebook. These babies really take a lot of time to churn out, so be patient with me.

My father -in-law, who is a great guy, has been diagnosed with lymphoma.
He is a Vietnam Vet. My husband took him to the doc this morning for a cat scan, and his (my father-in-law's) facebook comment was, "I got this."

How great is that? Brave...I commend him. Pray for his well-being.

The good news is--my Industrialization and Imperialism Interactive Notebook will be ready in time for the big sale on the 31st and the 1st. And at 20% off! All of my products will be on sale both days, right along with other fantastic secondary teacher's products:

Secondary teachers were ready to bring in 2015 with this halfway there sale! Read all about my newest interactive notebook (at that time) and get some other ideas for things you might want to add to your cart!
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Here's a sample from my latest interactive notebook:

Marx and Smith Primary Source Analysis
See it Here!

Working on this one (and all of them) has been a long journey. They are time consuming, but completely worth it. My students' morale has increased right along with their scores. Seriously, their scores were great this year, and I had parents tell me that they plan to keep these notebooks for good. Ah, don't we all keep a memory box? There's something about being able to say, "Flip to page such and such," and there it is in a history class, right until the end.

Now, if I can just get through Unit 12....

Speaking of the sale (from Dec. 31-Jan 1), I'm, not the only one involved. There are other fantastic teachers with amazing products. Here are a couple of free samples below:

Here's a great freebie from Created By Mr Hughes, perfect for thinking about those New Years Resolutions!:

2015 New Year's Resolutions and Goals Mobile
Check This Out!
Here's another fantastic new year's freebie from Addie Williams, ideal for helping your students to set their goals for 2015:

New Year's Resolutions Writing Activity
Perfect for the New Year!!
Here's a wonderful writing activity from Tracee Orman, complete with graphics and a foldable, that also encourages students to consider their goals for 2015:

2015 New Year Activities
Here it is!

For all of you social studies teachers out there, here's a graphic organizer from Michele Luck's Social Studies that I know I'll be using in my own classroom:

SPRITE Graphic Organizer
Find it Here!
Here's a research project from Juggling ELA over Greek Mythology, perfect for English or social studies:

Greek Mythology Research Assignment
Get it Here!

And, finally, if you're tired of boring writing from students, here's a freebie from Connie that teaches them to show instead of tell with their writing:

Just Say No to Dull Writing
Click Here!

Enjoy the new year's freebies, and be sure to check out the upcoming sale on the 31st and the 1st! 

Let me know how your holidays are going in the comments below. And be sure to check back next week for more freebies and ideas!

Until then,


  1. Thanks for sharing my freebie! Happy to have found your blog.

    1. Thanks, Addie. You're resources are amazing and a pleasure to use and share.


  2. You are taking on a great challenge with complete units of IN activities! I've attacked them for years, and it is very time consuming! And you are absolutely right that students keeping notebooks and organizing everything within them does make such an impact for all levels of students! Thanks for creating and providing these time-saving resources for teachers to help all students!

    1. I wonder if I've lost my mind sometimes, but then I see the benefits of the IN in my classes, and I keep chugging ahead!

      But you know about that....your resources are incredibly extensive!



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