Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers

If you've never checked out, you really should. It's a site that has teaching materials for every subject imaginable...and the best part? All of the products are created by teachers for teachers.

Teachers Pay Teachers Super Cyber Savings
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I was strolling through Barnes and Noble tonight, sipping a latte and thumbing through education books, and there's some really good stuff out there. But I couldn't help thinking about a lot of it, "Who actually uses this stuff?" Or, "There's no way that would work in my classroom."

I don't feel that way on Teachers Pay Teachers. I have purchased or downloaded many products on the site that I have printed off and used in my classroom with little or no prep.

Since teachers create the materials, they have generally used them in their own classrooms--in the trenches. The products are practical and creative and not just some publishing corporation's idea of what should work.

Today and tomorrow, the site is having a sale--most teacher-authors are discounting their products by 20%, and the site offers an additional 8% off if you enter the promo code TPTCYBER. So it's a great time to check out stores on the site if you're looking to spruce up your routine or just save time. It's hard to beat 28% off!

My latest Interactive Notebook can be found there, along with all my other World History Interactive Notebooks.

Enlightenment and Revolution Interactive Notebook
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I also have freebies, English products, world history products, sociology products, and seasonal products with a lot more coming soon.

There are some amazing stores and products on TPT--literally something for everyone. Here are a couple of fantastic freebies you might want to try that I've found in other teacher's stores:

TPT is a great place to find content--
Here's a helpful activity from Different Drummer Secondary English Resources that is common core aligned and great if you're teaching social studies or English:

Japanese Internment Camp Human Rights Activity
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Or creative clip art--
Here's a beautiful freebie from Utah Roots to spruce up your handouts:

Spring Birds Realistic Clip Art
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Or helpful classroom management tools--
Here's a practical parent contact log from Kacie Travis:

Parent Contact Form
Find it Here!
You will find what you're looking for on TPT. And there's still one more day to save 28%.

Where have you found the most useful teaching resources for your classroom? Leave a comment below, and let me know.

Come back next Monday when I discuss crime scrapbooks in sociology.

Until then!

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